28 October 2006


I loooove doing couple sessions! They are full of energy, fun and, of course, full of love. Before I left Berlin, I was so happy to shoot a session with Juliana and Jesus. These two are so sweet, and I think their love and passion for each other shows in every image. We had a great time cruising around sunny Berlin, forgetting the people around us and just dancing salsa on the streets. Juliana is leaving for a year to study and work in Barcelona, Spain and I am so proud of her! I know the two of them will make it, no matter the distance. Miss you guys and good luck!


Shovelin' Fool said...

These are simply gorgeous. I'm jealous - I always wanted to take a photography class and looking at ALL of your pics makes me kick myself for never having done so... jsut beautiful!

Xemx said...

SEXY LOVE..... That's the song that comes to my mind, when I look at those pics. GREAT!