28 October 2006


I loooove doing couple sessions! They are full of energy, fun and, of course, full of love. Before I left Berlin, I was so happy to shoot a session with Juliana and Jesus. These two are so sweet, and I think their love and passion for each other shows in every image. We had a great time cruising around sunny Berlin, forgetting the people around us and just dancing salsa on the streets. Juliana is leaving for a year to study and work in Barcelona, Spain and I am so proud of her! I know the two of them will make it, no matter the distance. Miss you guys and good luck!

20 October 2006


Hi Everybody,

I'm super busy lately but I wanted to share quickly one of the more "artsy" images that I came up with at one of my last sessions. This image is a colorful reflection of Maltese fishermen boats at a harbor in the North of the island. You really have to see this one blown up, it makes a nice desktop background. Enjoy!

17 October 2006

Portrait Life

You might be wondering what exactly lifestyle photography is all about. Today, I'd like to share with you a bit the insight of one of those portrait life photo sessions. First of all, the least amount of my clients are professional models. In fact, most of them have never posed in front of a professional photographer. And for many of them, just the idea of being photographed had been a little daunting. Frequent question and thoughts that pass the mind are: What do I have to do?, how do I pose or position myself correctly?, or, I hope the photographer doesn't ask me for a cheesy smile!
My priority is to make my client feel comfortable. So before I even begin thinking of taking photos, I always make sure to have met up, talked and discussed about what exactly the prospective client needs, likes, dislikes but also about what colors he/she is going to wear, and which places we are going to use for the session. It will be a mutual planning process, in which both of us will get a good idea about the day of the photo session. The most important part is though, that we will get to know each other, which will ease the tension before a shoot immensly.
At the day of the photo session, I will come to my clients home and we start from there to losen up, and later on we continue to our chosen destinations. All in all, a photosession has to be fun! The essence of a lifestyle portrait shoot is to be and feel spontaneous and is far from those days of conservative portraiture with stiff poses and old fashioned mottled studio backdrops. Instead, we use natural light and the beautiful outdoors to capture you in, resulting in stunning images that reveal your personality. We can do anything you wish, there are basically no limits.

Sometimes it is just a matter of a split second...

... to capture a genuine expression.

09 October 2006

Vanilla and Candy Cotton

As I promised, here are the super sexy and yummy images of Mira's boudoir session. Enjoy!

03 October 2006

Friends Session - New Product Sneak Preview

Friends are wonderful! Some would say, they are one of the most important people in their life. Friends give encouragement and strength and are always there when the times get tough. With friends life is great, sharing fun and laughter, creating memories that will last and be cherished for a lifetime. True friends are precious and forever!

We are so excited to share our new super-cool friends session. Did you ever liked to have great images of you together with your friends having fun? We will be doing now lifestyle group sessions that take up to 9 people that capture your unique and special friendship towards each other. Curious and like to know more? Come back soon to see our awesome images of our last session. Want to know more now? Just use the quick mailer on the sidebar to get in touch! We are looking forward hearing from you!