27 September 2006

My tech Genius

Today, I would like to say thank you to a very special person, my tech genius Patrick! I cannot count the times, I would have been lost without his help and support, especially when it comes to technology or computer related subjects. Patrick is one of my personal heroes in life. He is uber-intelligent, warm hearted, and so much fun to be around. That super cool quick mailer under my profile, for instance, was created and installed by Patrick and it has been a great success from the beginning! So Patti, thank you for all YOU ARE and please never change. We love ya!

Some fun photos. Sexy, eh?!

Love this picture of Patrick

20 September 2006

Mira! Mira!

Today, I introduce you to my absolutely stunning friend Mira. We met each other at university in one of the communication courses. I'm so glad our paths crossed because I don't know how I would have survived uni life without her! I really miss our never ending telephone conversations, or the days when we would just meet up for a coffee and chat about God and the world.
So you can imagine that we two chatterboxes had loads of fun at our shootings, which were also quite challenging. With the first one, we were graced with sunshine and beautiful summer weather but at the second one, it was raining cats and dogs! That was actually quite great because we just tried something new. We went underground and got some very cool shots! Just see for yourself. You can also look forward for an additional boudoir session with Mira, coming soon!

14 September 2006


I really enjoy photographing children. It is such a joy to just observe them and capture their everyday actions like eating, playing, or sleeping. This time I took some close-up shots of Liam. He's is such a heart breaker already... just take a look at his fascinating eyes... don't they wanna make you melt?!

A very close-up one while Liam was playing with his racing cars. Very shallow depth of field, tnx to my Nikon lens.

Another gorgeous eye shot

Manage to grab this one while he was eating, but actually he looks as if he was contemplating about a very philosophical subject.

We loved playing together, especially with these baloons.

11 September 2006

Another Exciting Blog

Hello everyone,
I have been working on my second blog which is all about life in Malta ... and well yeah a bit of gossip. One the one hand, my new blog gives an idea about what to do and where to go whilst on vacation in Malta. I have so many friends, for instance, that intend to come and visit me here but still have no clue about Malta's social life. In fact, they were always wondering what the heck I'm doing on this small island summer after summer. On the other hand, it acts as a small diary which keeps family and friends updated of the events that are currently going on in my life. I hope you enjoy reading. Click here, to get there. Comments are always welcome.

07 September 2006

A Big HELLO to the World!

I would like to say a big HELLO and THANKS to all the people who have been coming to my blog for the past few weeks and making it such a success. I'm so stoked! In just a little bit more than a month of publishing I had 1000 visitors. You might have already noticed that little map on the sidebar. Click to enlarge it and it will show you all the hits and visits that I have received from around the world. Wow, I'm completly blown away... the internet is such an amazing tool to connect people from such distant places. I would love to hear where YOU come from and how you have found me! Again, thanks for your company and keep coming back. Jessica Catharina

05 September 2006

A weekend in Gozo

We just came back from a mini vacation from Gozo, the little sister island of Malta. Although Gozo is litterally around the corner, meaning a 15 minute drive and half an hour trip with the ferry, it feels as if you had come to another place. As soon as you reach the shores it becomes apparent that this place has kept its charm and beauty of the old days. Gozo is just right for some off-time from a hectic lifestyle. I was finally able unwind from the past week's stress making time for sun bathing, snorkling, cliff hiking and some exploration of the Gozitan landscape.

This is the view from our apartment, which is situated very close to Xlendi's sea front promenade. I love the cliffs, aren't they fascinating?

If you visit Gozo you have to go to Dwejra and see the Blue Hole (a heaven for divers) and the amazing Azure Window.

We went some cliff hiking and ended up right above another inland sea right opposite the famous Fungus Rock.

Then we headed off to the other side of the island. This view is from Calypso Cave which is overlooking Gozo's favorite beach, Ramla Bay.

In the evening we had lovely sunsets. We would just sit by the beach and wait for the sun to descend. It was so peaceful.

Keep looking out for another more detailed photo essay. I plan of adding a second blog about life in Malta.