19 August 2006

Delaney's Day

I know this is a little late but I know our Delaney is waiting for this post. A couple of weeks ago, we were celebrating her 8th birthday and I managed to grab a few snapshots. Oh, and how happy I am that I did, since this kid's expressions are just fantastic. The family and especially her aunts organised a real birthday party with loads of presents... just right for a princess like her! But the best present of all came from our cousin Gwendolyn (who is in the far East right now. Gwen we are all thinking about you!). See what kind of pressies make a 8 year old girl jump up and down with excitement!

Checking out THE present...

Oh my goodness, it's the new Gameboy Advance SP!

Showing off her new games.

Yipee, jumping with joy while talking to Gwen on the phone

A birthday card written with love ...

... deserves to be hugged!

Ok, and as a super extra surprise we took Delaney to the French-German fun fest. See how happy she is!

The crazy cousins just after getting off from the breakdance thingy which was quite a spinner!

But I need more! A 4 times looping rollercoaster gives me an adrenaline rush that I need from time to time.

Having a break to dance. Did I mention that my cousins are crazy?!

Oops, that's a lil' scary...

...that's better!

Love that picture, Jule, Patti, and Delaney Laney!


Sarah said...

Oh man, und ich sitze hier in Wiesbaden und verpasse all den Spaß! Schön, dass sich unsere Kleine so gefreut hat. Tolle Bilder!

Hej Delaney, I guess you will never forget that birthday! Huge kisses from your cousin Sarah!

Captivating Studios said...

Hi Jessica! Thanks for the sweet words on my blog about the video! I love your photography! That picture of Delaney jumping up and down is so cool. I also love your "Soph and The City" pics. Tres Chic! Keep in touch!

Jasmine said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE the pictures of your daughter jumping up and down! What a great day...I wish my 8th birthday was that cool! :)

Jessica C. Moritz said...

tnx everyone! Hehehe I wish Delaney was my daughter but actually she's my little cousin!