22 August 2006


In our last shooting with Juliana we also inluded a boudoir session that we are going to share with you today. Juliana's wish were some spicey & sexy images of herself that at the same time have class and style. Wouldn't you also like to have these sort of pictures of youself, so one fine day you can look back and say: "Hey, wasn't I stunning?!"
Of course, we are not going to reveal too much here today... since those little more sexy ones are saved for herself and her loved one! But keep looking out for some other hot shootings coming end of this summer. Those will definately keep your heart warmed up for the next season!


Captivating Studios said...

Wow! Those shots are gorgeous!! I love the softness of them!!

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Jessica C. Moritz said...

Scarlett, those are fantastic news!

Please everybody, have a look at Scarlett's awesome video at http://hearitfirst.com/shawnmcdonald/video.aspx
and give her your vote. She is an amazing cinematographer from Florida, USA. You can also visit her blog at http://captivatingstudios.blogspot.com

Rebekah said...

Beatiful!! The lighting is lovely. The processing is fantastic. And these are very tastefully done! Fantastic work!

Sarah Barlow said...

WOW!!!! Beautiful pics!!! Especially love the B&W ones!!