30 August 2006

Sunset Beach Session

Location: Riviera Beach/ Golden Sands
Time: 18.30 until sunset
Model: Sophia
Photographer: Jessica C. Moritz

Riviera mmmhhh... doesn't it sound like summer, vacation, and maybe a little hedonism? Let me tell you, this beach makes the perfect backdrop for a summer loving and fun shooting. It is not only graced by high cliffs and rocks but it also covers a long stretch of golden sand. In the evening you will have a spectacular sunset since the sun will dip directly into the sea and create some colorful effects. And that day, we were truly blessed with glorious light.
We hope you enjoy our images and of course we love to hear from you!

26 August 2006


Last night I couldn't sleep. I was turning and twisting in bed until 4 o'clock in the morning. I don't know if it was my upset stomache from last night's dining out experience or if it were my restless thoughts chasing me. Anyway, I decided to wake up, surf a bit the web to get in touch with you out there until the early morning sun was rising. I managed to take a quick snap with my point and shoot camera before I collapsed onto bed. Hope all of you have a happy day!

22 August 2006


In our last shooting with Juliana we also inluded a boudoir session that we are going to share with you today. Juliana's wish were some spicey & sexy images of herself that at the same time have class and style. Wouldn't you also like to have these sort of pictures of youself, so one fine day you can look back and say: "Hey, wasn't I stunning?!"
Of course, we are not going to reveal too much here today... since those little more sexy ones are saved for herself and her loved one! But keep looking out for some other hot shootings coming end of this summer. Those will definately keep your heart warmed up for the next season!

19 August 2006

Delaney's Day

I know this is a little late but I know our Delaney is waiting for this post. A couple of weeks ago, we were celebrating her 8th birthday and I managed to grab a few snapshots. Oh, and how happy I am that I did, since this kid's expressions are just fantastic. The family and especially her aunts organised a real birthday party with loads of presents... just right for a princess like her! But the best present of all came from our cousin Gwendolyn (who is in the far East right now. Gwen we are all thinking about you!). See what kind of pressies make a 8 year old girl jump up and down with excitement!

Checking out THE present...

Oh my goodness, it's the new Gameboy Advance SP!

Showing off her new games.

Yipee, jumping with joy while talking to Gwen on the phone

A birthday card written with love ...

... deserves to be hugged!

Ok, and as a super extra surprise we took Delaney to the French-German fun fest. See how happy she is!

The crazy cousins just after getting off from the breakdance thingy which was quite a spinner!

But I need more! A 4 times looping rollercoaster gives me an adrenaline rush that I need from time to time.

Having a break to dance. Did I mention that my cousins are crazy?!

Oops, that's a lil' scary...

...that's better!

Love that picture, Jule, Patti, and Delaney Laney!

13 August 2006

Oh Jule!

I love taking pictures with my good looking family. Just take a look at my absolutely gorgeous cousin Juliana! She is not only very photogenic but so easy to work with. In fact, the whole session including choosing outfits, getting dressed up, doing make-up and hair, was like a girls party. Yeah, and we even danced a bit to salsa!

She has the most beautiful smile

Eyes, eyes, eyes!

If used careful, the peak of summer's sun can create strong contrast and some interesting light

I love natural expressions!

Couldn't resist to post another flare shot. Note, this shot was not staged!

O.k. I admit, it's a bit strong... but someone dear insisted that I post this one.

11 August 2006

New Home Sweet Home

Hello everybody! Just a quick notice that I made it savely to my new "old" home in Malta. Sorry for the delay but I'm busy with getting everything organised... and of course with enjoying a little beach session here and there. I promise though that a new photo update is on it's way. So keep looking out for it, you won't be dissapointed.

07 August 2006

My Good-Bye Weekend Party

Oh yeah, this was my last weekend in Berlin... and of course we had to celebrate it in style! Friday night was kicked off by a special party at Sage Club. But that was only our warm up for Saturday night which lasted until the early hours of Sunday and then continued later that day (after some sleep). No seriously, I had a awesome time thanks to all my family and friends. I cannot thank enough my parents, Sarah and Joseph for the all the preparations and hard work they had to pull off a great house party on Saturday. I was also so stoked about all the little surprises my family and dear friends had in store for me. Yes, it was a happy day... but also very emotional and a couple of tears were flowing here and there...
The ones who couldn't be there because of the distance (Mark, Dési & Hosea, Mireille & Knud, Gwen, Tim & Cathy, Katrin, Sophia, Karin, my families from America, you know who you are, etc.) and the ones because of other circumstances (Sascha and family, Kirsten, Jana, etc.), I love you and hope to see you soon again!!!

The ones who made it til the very end! Thank you guys!

Ok, and we couldn't get enough so we went out dancing til the early morn' at AM2PM. (Sorry for the bad quality, cell phone cam alarm!)

I don't know but I love to stick out my tongue!

Too bad that I didn't get a picture of it but can you believe that the guys were dancing even more than the girls??? Well, I can only say blame those darn heels! My, were they hurting!!! Dennis and Patrick, you guys rock!

03 August 2006

Soph & the City

What a busy and crazy day! This photoshoot is something special. This time we took our model right down to the Great Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) which is one of a kind. Actually, it's the largest train station in Europe and sooo busy! Lucky enough, we shot at a place which was a bit off the big crowd but Sophia still had to work in front of an international audience. And she did a great job! Right afterwards, we headed towards the city's center to Ku'Damm. There of course, it's one of my places to shoot, anyway. Have a look and see for yourself. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Some grainy black&white for a moody atmosphere...

... or in color for a totally different look.

I love a little flare...

... and some strong lighting!

One of my favorite locations. Glass and aluminium surfaces make nice backgrounds and give great light. Remember it from one of my other sessions?

Soft black&white for the classic touch