24 July 2006

Oh, what a weekend!

Last weekend, my friends and I went out for some clubbing and celebration. Well, there is lots to celebrate for me. I have just received my masters of arts degree, I have taken my photography career to the next level, and I will be moving soon to a beautiful island in the Med. Sea. Life couldn't be more beautiful at the moment! Tnx to everyone who is in my life, you are giving me a great time!

This time on the other side of the camera! How am I doing Mr. Photographer?!

My friend from school days made it down to Berlin. Hi, Karin!


Charly said...

Hi Jessica,
I just came on your blog for the first time. (actually by mistake... sorry!) Your pic kind of fascinated me. Seeing you on those photos makes me believe you shouldn't always stay behind the camera!

Will you move to Sicily?

Oh by the way..... CONGRATULATIONS to the degree! Good luck for the future!

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Thank you Charly! Welcome to my blog, hope to see you around often! Well, actually I'm moving to Malta... not so far off from Sicily... good guess!

Karin Haidara said...

Aha- jetzt hat es aber geklappt...
Ja das war ein schöner Abend in Berlin:)
Bald setzen wir die Party auf Malta fort...ich hoffe das ich dich bald besuchen kommen kann.

---mach weiter soo herrliche fotos und dein Erfolg ist dir sicher---

"Wer mit Begeisterung handelt, wird begeistert"

"Erfolg beginnt mit einen Traum. Und der erste Schritt, einen Traum wahr werden zu lassen,ist zu wissen, was man will."
Mary Kay Ash