27 July 2006

Mr. Greece

Today, we have something special for the girls:
Some pure male b&w!

My assistant and I had a real blast when we took Niyazi, a former boxer and Calvin Klein model, downtown city west for a photoshoot. I just love the outdoors! On the one hand, it is way more demanding than studio photography since you need an extra keen eye for light and background. On the other hand, it makes so much more fun, crying out for creativity and spontaneity. If you like, you also get that little extra attention...
Enjoy and keep coming back for more.

1 comment:

Hosea and Desiree said...

We enjoyed looking at your pictures
:-) Desi and I are very excited about all the things you have accomplished recently. A big OH YEAH on recieving your Master!!!
Have a successful start on the Maltese Island. What a place to begin your picturesque career.
Love Hosea und Desiree