31 July 2006

Hello Wiesbaden

This weekend I had been on the road heading down to Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. My "little" sister Sarah is currently living and working in this area. She works in marketing and PR for one of the biggest home furnishing companies in Europe (or the world?). It was so great to make it to her new home because I seriously fell in love with Wiesbaden... so far, it is one of the cutest towns in Germany that I have been to!

Her neighborhood is beautiful. Look at those buildings!

By walk, it takes you only 5 minutes to the city's center!

We took a trip to the wine region and to Castle Vollrads.
This place is fantastic for a romantic wedding. Check it out!

In the evening we went to an awesome open air bar with a lounge area which is on top of a car park and overlooking the town. It's also decorated with big sails, deck chairs, water and bridges. A place to finally kill my craving for martini on the rocks!

My sister Sari and her boyfriend Joseph, the best chef! Way to go, Joe! Tnx for the good time. Let's do it again soon!

In the evening, the place will be lit up by torches. Here you've got a good view of the dome.

On the road again. 715 miles in 2 days!

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