31 July 2006

Hello Wiesbaden

This weekend I had been on the road heading down to Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. My "little" sister Sarah is currently living and working in this area. She works in marketing and PR for one of the biggest home furnishing companies in Europe (or the world?). It was so great to make it to her new home because I seriously fell in love with Wiesbaden... so far, it is one of the cutest towns in Germany that I have been to!

Her neighborhood is beautiful. Look at those buildings!

By walk, it takes you only 5 minutes to the city's center!

We took a trip to the wine region and to Castle Vollrads.
This place is fantastic for a romantic wedding. Check it out!

In the evening we went to an awesome open air bar with a lounge area which is on top of a car park and overlooking the town. It's also decorated with big sails, deck chairs, water and bridges. A place to finally kill my craving for martini on the rocks!

My sister Sari and her boyfriend Joseph, the best chef! Way to go, Joe! Tnx for the good time. Let's do it again soon!

In the evening, the place will be lit up by torches. Here you've got a good view of the dome.

On the road again. 715 miles in 2 days!

27 July 2006

Mr. Greece

Today, we have something special for the girls:
Some pure male b&w!

My assistant and I had a real blast when we took Niyazi, a former boxer and Calvin Klein model, downtown city west for a photoshoot. I just love the outdoors! On the one hand, it is way more demanding than studio photography since you need an extra keen eye for light and background. On the other hand, it makes so much more fun, crying out for creativity and spontaneity. If you like, you also get that little extra attention...
Enjoy and keep coming back for more.

25 July 2006

Florida Sunshine

Isn't she adorable! Delaney, one of my youngest cousins from Florida came over to our house today and I snapped some shots of her. This girl is so lively, bursting of energy, and always putting a smile to your face. In many ways she reminds me of myself when I was a kid. Delaney is a real traveler, not too afraid to stay here in Berlin for two months to study some German and experience some quite different way-of-life. She only turned 8 years a few days ago! So stay tuned for some "private" birthday-party pics, coming this week!

24 July 2006

Oh, what a weekend!

Last weekend, my friends and I went out for some clubbing and celebration. Well, there is lots to celebrate for me. I have just received my masters of arts degree, I have taken my photography career to the next level, and I will be moving soon to a beautiful island in the Med. Sea. Life couldn't be more beautiful at the moment! Tnx to everyone who is in my life, you are giving me a great time!

This time on the other side of the camera! How am I doing Mr. Photographer?!

My friend from school days made it down to Berlin. Hi, Karin!

22 July 2006

Meet Sophia Angelina

This week, we went outdours for an awesome shoot with our model Sophia. As you can see from the photos we had some amazing light and lots of fun! Over the weeks, you will get to learn a lot more about Sophia since we have a whole series of photoshoots lined up for her model portfolio. So don't miss out on our hot beach session coming this August!

Some delicious light

Who said photoshoots have to be stiff and boring?!

Wow, look at those eyes!

20 July 2006

Happy Blog B-day!!!

I'm so excited to share the news with you! My blog is finally born, kicking & screaming ready to give you an insight to my life and my world of photography. Make sure to check out my posts frequently since I'll be updating this Babe a couple of times a week.
Hey, it's party time... come and join in the celebration! And please feel free to leave a comment.

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