20 December 2006

Melanie's Graduation Bash

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph Melanie and Antonio, an awesome couple! Antonio set up the shoot as a graduation gift for Melanie. Isn't that so sweet and thoughtful?! First we did the obligatory cape and gown "frame shots" for Mom & Dad. Later on, we headed out to roam the streets of Mdina and captured some fun and romantic images for the two of them.
I had such a great time with both of you. Again, congratulations Melanie to your degree and all the best for a bright future!

Melanie has lovely sparkly deer eyes. I just love how the light reflects in them! Juicy!

Mdina is the number one spot for romantic images. I saw this white door and the colorful bright flowers of this tree. Made me stop and shoot away.

This place has a special meaning to Melanie. Her parents wedding photos were taken at the same spot.

My absolute favorite image of the session. Great colors, great expressions. Melanie and Antonio look so relaxed and in sync with each other. Love it!

It's great when the couple starts having fun and is a little daring. Fills the images with life and action!

Strolling the old streets of Mdina...

...and stopping for a last romantic shot of the day.

07 December 2006


Last week we ventured out and shot a great engagement session with Sarah and Joseph. The two of them are getting married next July in Gozo and I am so excited for them! There's is going to be so much love to detail to photograph, apart from the grand entrance of the bride at Ta' Pinu church (a photographers dream) and the celebrations of the evening dinner at the famous Ta' Frenc Restaurant.
This time we visited beautiful Mdina and then headed for the days last sunrays to Ghadira Bay to have some fun. As usual, my photography reflects the intimate relationship between the couple and the joy they share.
Hope YOU enjoy the photos and click the images for a larger view.

Attention couples getting married 2007, you could be winning the photographic coverage of your wedding completly free of charge. For more details tune back in on Saturday around noon!

I love tight close ups, it really concentrates on the mutual affection of the couple.

Mdina has many great places to take photos.

The beach: a fresh breath of air...

...and some playing around

It was quite windy and Joseph was holding Sarah tight for some warmth.

I love the intensity of their eye contact. It says more than a thousand words...

One last stroll on the beach... it was perfect! Thanks Sarah and Joseph for being such great sports and for going to let me capture your big day!

25 November 2006

New Life New Hairstyle

Hi everybody, sorry for being such a bad blogger lately, but I had looaaaads of work! I am in the middle of finalising a government and EU sponsored project. I am also currently writing an article for JACK, a travel and lifestyle magazine for italien men. Once it has gone to press, I will publish it on my other blog (so check it out if you are interested). If you have been waiting for some new photo stuff, I have good news for you. This weekend I will be shooting an engagement/ pre-wedding (if weather permits). So you can look forward to some updates. And if any of you out there are going to get get married (in Malta), you might want to check back on my blog because I will be announcing a special surprise!
Yeah, so lots of new stuff is coming up! And finally, I also made it to the hair artist/ designer/ stylist, Mario Borg @ Papilla (Rabat). It was so due!!! Every morning, I dreaded to look in the mirror and see all that weed growing uncontrollably on my head. I was definatley ready for a change, you wouldn't believe it!

That's my new look!

17 November 2006

Old Maltese Door

The other day, I passed by this derelict building and I noticed this fascinating door. I just had to stop and observe it in detail: from the old traditional door knocker to the cracking paint and underlying wood, this door has so much charm and character. Being conscious that this building is probably going to be torn down in the near future, I was glad to have my camera on me. Maybe this image is going to be the only lasting memory of this once impressive place.
Click the image to enlarge it.

13 November 2006

X-MAS Sessions

Brrrr....winter is here again and also my favorite feast of the year: Christmas!!! This is a small reminder that the holidyas are just around the corner and to get your christmas orders ready in time the deadline is December 10th. If you plan a x-mas photo sessions (baby, portrait, engagement, etc.), please contact me as soon as possible.
For further information please use the mailbox on the left side of the navigation bar.

05 November 2006


Finally, here are the images of the super cool Friends session with Jennifer, Theresa, Sophia, Francis, Tiziana, David, Katya & Simon. Before Jennifer left to study at a university in Scottland her friends were so sweet to arrange a photo session. We wanted to capture the fun and great times of them together to create a lasting memory before everyone embarks on their new future quests.
I had a real fantastic time with all of you and I hope you forgive me for making you run up and down Bugibba for nearly 3 hours ;-). No, seriously I hope these images keep your memories of a great summer alive and you can treasure them for a long time to come.
Keep on ROCKING!!!

28 October 2006


I loooove doing couple sessions! They are full of energy, fun and, of course, full of love. Before I left Berlin, I was so happy to shoot a session with Juliana and Jesus. These two are so sweet, and I think their love and passion for each other shows in every image. We had a great time cruising around sunny Berlin, forgetting the people around us and just dancing salsa on the streets. Juliana is leaving for a year to study and work in Barcelona, Spain and I am so proud of her! I know the two of them will make it, no matter the distance. Miss you guys and good luck!